For Kids Only

Bouguereau Crossword Puzzle

"The Young Shepherdess" is one of the masterpieces in the Appleton's collection. This work of art was painted by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905). What can you find out about this young woman by looking at this painting created nearly 150 years ago? Click here.

Hidden Treasures Jigsaw Puzzles

Unscramble each of these four different puzzles and discover some of the hidden treasures found at the Appleton Museum (Level 1 for beginners and Level 4 is for experts). We hope you will come to the Appleton soon and see each of these pieces of art in person!

Level 1 - "Geometric Mask from the Tsaye or Teke Peoples of Congo, Africa"

Masks are found in cultures all around the world. See if you can piece together this one from Africa. Does it makes you think of other artwork by Picasso or Klee? Have you ever made your own mask? Bet you could make one like this! Click here.

Level 2 - "Zhenmu Shou, Tang Dynasty, China"

When you put this puzzle together you will find an old pottery figure of a Chinese earth spirit named Zhenmu Shou. He can protect you in many different ways. He has large ears to listen for danger, strong legs to kick and wings to fly. Do you think he would make a good pet? Click here.

Level 3 - "Portrait of a Woman" attributed to Bernardio Luini, Italian.

This painting looks a lot like the famous Mona Lisa. We don't believe the artist, Bernardino Luini, was a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci but both Italian artists lived at the same time and their style is very similar. What do you think this woman is smiling about? Click here.

Level 4 - "The Watering Trough" by John Sargeant Noble.

This is one of the most popular works of art at the Appleton Museum! Assemble this puzzle and see how many animals are in the painting. What are they doing? The artist, John S. Noble, painted them so realistically that you think you could reach out and touch thier soft noses. Click here.