Current Exhibitions

America's Everglades:
Through the Lens of Clyde Butcher

February 2-May 26, 2019

These monumental photographs celebrate the beauty of the American Everglades. Their scale, extraordinary clarity and tonal range set them apart as exceptional works of art, earning him recognition as the foremost landscape photographer in America today. These powerful black and white images are portraits of the eternal bond between man and nature that is the soul of the Everglades. From the deepest cypress strands of the sawgrass prairies, coastal waters and languid estuaries, to pinpoint still-lifes of rare species, Butcher reveals its ecosystems in magnificent detail. He makes an unquestionable case for why we should care about its future.

Familiar Beauty:
Drawings by Vicki Jones

February 9-July 7, 2019

Vicki M. Jones is a native of Central Florida and has been exhibiting her pencil drawings since 1987. Her realistic and sometimes surreal works vary in subject matter, including landscape, portraiture (of people and of trees), still life and architecture. Other media exhibited include pastel and colored pencil drawings. Of her work, Jones says, “In my pencil drawings I like to show, just by focusing intently on a subject, that the very ordinary things (or people) we encounter daily can hold surprising beauty, wonder or mystery.”

Gallery Talk with Vicki Jones
Saturday, May 11, 2 p.m.

Free for Appleton members; included with regular admission fee for nonmembers.

Art for the Afterlife: Chinese Funerary Objects


Historically, elite individuals in Chinese society were buried with all of the everyday items that they might need in the next realm. Objects such as clay servants and musicians, as well as a finely glazed Tang Dynasty ceramic horse and stunning tomb guardian figurines, make up this display from the Appleton’s permanent collection.