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Permanent Collection Galleries Closed
Now Through January 2018

Due to an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) project, the permanent collection galleries will remain closed. The large Edith-Marie Appleton gallery featuring Mysteries of the Amazon will be open, as well as the ARTSpace and Education Wing art classrooms, Rotunda and Appleton Store. Please enter through the Education entrance (to the right of the regular front entrance).

All Galleries Re-open to Public
February 2018

Visit in the new year to see our newly refreshed and reinstalled galleries, as well as some very exciting temporary exhibitions!

Mysteries of the Amazon: Visionary Artwork of Pablo Amaringo and His Students

September 22-January 14, 2018

Mysteries of the Amazon will feature approximately 95 paintings by Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo and his students from the collection of Scott Olsen, Ph.D.

Completed 2001-2016, the large-scale, acrylic paintings are considered to be some of the best examples of Mestizo vegetalista and ayahuasquero shamanism. Exhibiting stunning and brilliant use of color, the paintings depict the plant, animal and human deva-like (or angelic) spirits encountered in deep ceremonial visionary experiences. Incorporating unique Shipibo textile and pottery designs, Pablo’s students were taught to carefully render the flora and fauna surrounding them and to inwardly visualize the spiritual presences encountered in the rainforest. In addition, a selection of 60 paintings by Amaringo and his students, also from Dr. Olsen’s collection, will be on display at the College of Central Florida’s Webber Gallery from September 14-October 27, 2017.

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